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Ron Sherman Advertising Launches Home Improvement VOD with Brightcove

Ron Sherman Advertising (RSA) announced today it has chosen Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), the leading provider of cloud services for video, to launch its new Home Improvement VOD Programming. The Brightcove video platform will allow Ron Sherman Advertising to offer its selected Platinum Contractors’ custom company branded lifestyle entertainment on a streaming Video on Demand basis. RSA will be the first in the Home Improvement Industry to offer only its Platinum Contractors a high quality extensive video on demand library that is informative, but also very entertaining. The new multi-platform series, HouseAware features established TV talent, such as CBS’s Landscape Correspondent Chris Olsen, along with other top-notch News and TV talent that have been in markets all over the United States. The HouseAware programming is hosted by the fun loving husband and wife team, Jennifer Akers Raath and David Raath and has a different field expert for each home related or lifestyle segment. The webisodes cover everything from How to Care for Your Fur Baby to How to Declutter Your Home to Simple Crockpot Cooking.

Through the use of the Brightcove video platform, Ron Sherman Advertising will be able to offer its select Platinum Contractors the ability to capitalize on out of the box direct response advertising on a multi-platform level that ties in Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumbler, and Twitter.   The Ron Sherman Advertising’s original HouseAware programming will also entail short infotainment segments of how to know when to get new siding to what windows to choose for your new addition or home upgrade, etc.  Ron Sherman Advertising will launch their home improvement video on demand library with 90+ short infotainment segments, along with original programming that is similar to HGTV and Food Channel. The RSA team will also be able to customize programming and work with their Platinum Contractors on different levels of original branded content.

The quality and entertaining webisodes and relevant topics covered in the HouseAware Series is what Ron Sherman Advertising is using to drive and connect with their Platinum Contractor’s target audience. Through the use of the Brightcove video platform, Ron Sherman Advertising will allow their HouseAware Platinum Contractors the ability to feature short form video segments, less than 3:30 minutes on their Platinum Contractors’ website that are accessible on all devices and socially shareable on a multi-platform level, such as Facebook. The short video segments or webisodes on the HouseAware Platinum Contractor’s website will be complementary to their product or products that they sell. Ron Sherman Advertising founder Ron Sherman says “We know that our clients want video and for it to be universally accessible, such as on all mobile phones, iPads, etc. so we are helping them reach homeowners on all devices through our interesting home and lifestyle programming.  Just at the same time HouseAware is helping homeowners improve their home inside and outside.  The programming is fun, relevant, and interesting with the perfect balance of the three.”

RSA TV’s HouseAware Series will be launching November 15.

You can read more about the launch of HouseAware in our feature article with Arkansas Business.




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