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All Sunshine Ahead For Ron Sherman Advertising

Ron Sherman Advertising, the leader for home improvement advertising, has a new exciting addition to the fast growing company. Tom Brannon, former meteorologist and news anchor for THV 11 for twenty two years joins the powerhouse marketing agency.  Brannon will be leaving his TEGNA station to head up operations and be one of the lead talent for commercials at Ron Sherman Advertising (RSA).  The agency, which is in over 100 TV markets had been looking nationally for the right individual for this dual role of operations/talent. “Brannon had all the qualities, skill, knowledge, and background to take on this newly created position,” Ron Sherman said. The transition for Tom Brannon into his new role at Ron Sherman Advertising should be seamless as Brannon has been the mentee for years of the founder and head of the agency, Ron Sherman. Ron Sherman also used to be a successful weatherman like Tom Brannon, so their pitching, ad libs, and overall style is very similar.

Tom Brannon says “It is an honor and a true privilege to be joining the top agency for its niche.  I plan to fit right into my role and look forward to helping RSA, which did 7,263 commercials last year, further expand and grow clients’ business.” Ron Sherman Advertising, which is the World Recorder holder for most TV commercials produced ever has clients all over the US and some in Canada. Ron Sherman Advertising has generated over $500,000,000 for its clients.  The agency, which does TV commercials, infomercials, and has a full web department that handles everything from dynamic website creation, streaming, to PPC budgets for its clients (which is in the millions) to clients’ social media. RSA’s talent can be heard in Radio spots to being seen in Newspaper & Magazine Print Ads, Billboards, Pre-Rolls to whatever medium the agency thinks is best to reach a client’s prospective consumer. RSA has everything under one roof from its Production Crew, Post-Production Editors, Media Buying Department, Public Relations, to its Graphics and Animation Department, etc.

Ron Sherman says “I am looking forward to Tom Brannon joining the Ron Sherman Advertising team.  Tom has done 2 hours or more of live TV a day for 22 years, so he is perfect for our one of a kind live style commercials.” Ron Sherman Advertising already has some very accomplished talent on their roster that have impressive backgrounds and are still active in their careers that range from news anchors to radio personalities, such as John Lee, Tracy Douglass, Lisa Fischer, Chris Kane, Ashley King, Jason Harper, Michelle Rupp, Barry Brandt, Jennifer Akers Raath, David Raath, Christina Munoz, along with a whole host of big name personalities.

Ron Sherman Advertising will be further expanding its foot print with video streaming as they have the largest home improvement Video On Demand library and is about to launch a whole new streaming division to further expand its offering to existing clients, but also to home improvement contractors that might not currently have the TV Ad Budget to work with Ron Sherman Advertising. Read more about this exciting new service here.

With the headquarters of Ron Sherman Advertising being in Little Rock, Arkansas, Tom Brannon will not have to relocate his wife and daughter for this new position. The agency also has an office in New York City.




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