About Ron Sherman Advertising

Ron Sherman Advertising & Teleproductions is a full service advertising agency, video production company, and internet marketing firm all under one big roof. Our facility is over 20,000 square feet and previously was a movie theater that we have since converted into studio space. Because of the complete range of services we provide, it allows for unmatched efficiency and flexibility to our clients.

Last year alone we produced 6,524 Commercials! That’s more than any other company in the nation!

Since 1986, RSA has specialized in Direct Response advertising and Lead Generation services for clients in virtually every market in the United States, as well as nationally. Clients love us for our ability to “make the phone ring day one” and produce immediate results. Using the right “hooks” and “Call-To-Actions” to generate a sense of urgency, our creative is second to none in driving potential customers to your business.

The company was founded by Ron Sherman, a former local weatherman in Little Rock. Sherman parlayed his success as an on-air talent into talent work for home improvement companies. Eventually, after much success, it grew into a full time job and required adding on a larger staff. Today, no advertising agency in the world produces more home improvement commercials.

Ron Sherman Advertising is proud to say that we have passed certification in Google AdWords and are now a Google Partner, read more.

The Google Partner badge signifies that we’ve demonstrated advanced knowledge in the advertising products of Google AdWords. This knowledge helps us deliver strong results for our clients, which inevitably helps us build stronger relationships with them. As a Google Partner, we have explicitly shown our dedication to adhering to Google’s best practices, maintained a high-quality of work within Google AdWords, and have earned a specialization in search advertising.

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