Our Process

When working with a client, it is critical to evaluate precisely what their advertising needs are. Each business is unique and should have a custom strategy developed specifically for them. Variables such as product category, market size, and the client’s advertising budget should dictate what advertising mediums are utilized and what services are provided.

Typically, because an agency doesn’t offer one service or another in house, they don’t recommend those services or can’t provide them as cost effectively as others. With Ron Sherman Advertising & Teleproductions, we are a full service advertising agency, video production company, and internet marketing firm all under one big roof. We provide unmatched efficiencies to our clients in terms of not just cost, but turnaround time and productivity.

The ability to have integrated marketing communications drastically improves the overall effectiveness of your advertising. Relying on a separate agency, production company, and web company to work together is a potential disaster waiting to happen. With RSA, your advertising goals and needs are met by implementing a united strategy that makes sense for your business.