Franchise/Dealer Programs

Let’s face it, your franchisees and dealers look to you to provide them unmatched value and to create competitive advantages to set them apart in the marketplace. Ron Sherman Advertising specializes in developing custom programs to offer the best value to your network to accomplish just that.

Whether it’s for video, radio, print, or digital, we can develop a unique program designed to accomplish your goals.

Here are some common questions we can help answer:

“My network would benefit from TV but some can’t afford it, how do we bridge that gap for them?”

“It is very time consuming to negotiate and analyze rates from the local media properties, how can we simplify that process for them?”

“How do we have a national brand presence online without overlapping with our network’s local online efforts?”

If any of these issues or perhaps something similar is an area your company could utilize our specialized services, contact us today to learn how we can help.